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Facing the Need for Regional Policies in Latin America

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From the perspective of results in terms of growth as a whole, Latin America and particularly some countries of the continent are experiencing an economic stage that could be described as fairly pleasant. There are, of course, differences among countries, but several of them have reported GDP growth rates of over 4 % in real terms since 2000. The impact of the international economic-financial crisis had its worst manifestation in 2009, when Brazil, Chile, Venezuela and especially Mexico reported real negative rates in the variation in their GDP. However, in 2010, all of them returned to very positive rates of expansion and as some reliable reports have suggested, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) confirmed its economic power in 2012 because the region was capable of resisting international economic instabilities and maintains expectations of growth of 3.5–4 % for the next 2 years. Theses positive perspectives constitute a clear opportunity to re-consider the territorial problems and regional disparities that exist in the majority of the L.A. countries. The authors suggest why and how.

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