Esteban López, profesor de la UAI y miembro del Centro de Economía y Política Regional, presentará su paper «Effects of commuting on school performance: Evidence from a school choice country-wide reform» en el encuentro anual de la Sociedad Chilena de Economía.

Revisa el abstract aquí:

«The literature has documented the effects of commuting on student performance as a way to understand both the direct and side effects of switching from closed enrollment to open enrollment programs in school schemes. In most cases, student commuting has been vastly documented as producing negative effects derived from the opportunity costs in the form of less leisure and study time; however, positive effects have also been documented in some cases. In Chile, a nationwide education reform was implemented in order to provide school vouchers to increase access to higher quality school options for lower- and middle-income students. Thus, researching the effects of commuting on school performance is key in evaluating the voucher policy, as well as in understanding the potential future scenarios of new policies currently in process. This paper uses different sources of registry data from the Chilean government, which provides evidence of the negative effects of commuting, and evidence of the positive and significant effects of commuting on student performance. Furthermore, these positive effects are not solely driven by the expected increased access to schools of higher quality, but also by students’ higher intrinsic motivation and abilities.»